Giving up On The Bema… New Website Coming

It is with mixed feelings that I announce that I’m giving up On The Bema in order to segue to a new website.  I started On The Bema in 2009 ...

What’s going on with

Good question. Lately, my Times Union blog has picked up a lot of activity. This blog, which jump started my blogging in 2009, has become an enigma. This blog and ...

Can Jesus and Santa get along?

This past weekend I participated in a Christmas ritual that many parents struggle with: a visit with Santa Claus. Why the struggle? For some parents, Christmas and Santa Claus go ...

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The Story Behind the Penn State, Nebraska Pre-Game Prayer

If it is one thing that came out of the Penn State-Nebraska ...

Sins of Omission: Paterno & Penn State

By now, most the country has heard about the shocking revelation that ...

Why We Love the Paranormal

The sure sign we love the paranormal?  The movie, Paranormal Activity 3 ...

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Come on over to

The day is here.  Check out the new blog:  Please update your subscription. On The Bema will become inactive. All you email subscribers please update your subscriptions at the new site. -Alan

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Harold Camping: My Bad

Looks like retirementville for our old pal Harold Camping.  Camping, who failed to correctly predict the end of the world, has now admitted he was wrong. The radio preacher said that it “seems embarrassing for Family Radio.” However, Camping still proclaimed that he would “more carefully than ever” look to the Bible for his end […]

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Featured in Wedding Article

My good “in” with the Albany Times Union through my blog has produced several fruitful friendships. One them is Kristi Gustafson Barlette, social media strategist and staff writer, who writes about culture, trends, and relationships. Kristi interviewed me for an article on the benefits of premarital counseling for engaged couples: Counseling. That one little word […]

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Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

With Halloween upon us all the ghosts, witches, and ghouls come to play… err, trick-or-treat.  Poorly made scary movies run non-stop on TV. Millions will give out candy to kids and people will participate in those zombie 5ks. Adults spend about $6.7 billion a year for parties, costumes, and candy. With Americans spending that much […]

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The End is Here (again)

We remember the hype and hysteria around Harold Camping and his end of the world prediction that came and went. I first blogged on the topic back in March 2011when no one was really worrying about it. Well, he’s back!  Now, the end of the world will be this Friday – October 21!  According to […]

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Steve Jobs, the Modern Prophet?

This past Sunday a private memorial service was held at Stanford University’s chapel for Steve Jobs, the juggernaut of the personal computing world.  Jobs’ passing has many of us reflecting on the work of one man’s life. His leadership provided for many visionary changes that have affected the world. Like the prophets from old, one […]

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3 ways Rob Bell will affect everyone

Rob Bell, the controversial mega church pastor and author of “Love Wins”, recently announced that he was leaving the Grand Rapids church (Mars Hill) that he founded. There was so much interest in the announcement that Mars Hill’s website crashed. To most, Bell’s departure does not really cause the world any concern.  Usually when a […]

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Man calls Obama the ‘Anti-Christ’ during speech

Is it me, or are hecklers become more common or just more reported? This week, President Obama was called the “Anti-Christ” as a protester shouted directly to Obama from the front row of a fundraiser speech. Here is what we can make out from the video: “The Christian God is one and only true living […]

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How I became ‘friends’ with TIME’s Joel Stein

It’s not often that us lowly non-celebs get replies on Facebook or Twitter from big time Hollywood types.  Fans frequently annoy stars to interact with them online. Usually, celebrities carefully decide who to follow on Twitter (mostly other celebrities). A few months ago, I befriended TIME magazine’s witty and very funny Joel Stein.  For years, […]

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Reverse Offering as a Spiritual Stimulus

Almost every church has some form of an offering or a way for people to give donations. Most churches pass offering plates to congregants while music plays or a soloist sings.  A church in New Jersey is trying a new approach to the offering: a reverse offering where congregants receive money from the church instead […]

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